Symphony No. 6

Symphony No. 6

Jaap van Zweden and Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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Mahler - Symphony No. 6 in a minor
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Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Jaap van Zweden


Jaap van Zweden & Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Jaap van Zweden has a long and close relationship with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Not long ago, they performed Mahler's Sixth Symphony together. Powerful, overwhelming and majestic, several US newspapers wrote about it. In this symphony, the 'Tragic', Mahler, among other things, takes a walk to the summits of the mountains. Where it gets quieter and quieter, until you only hear the cowbells, somewhere far below.

Mahler's Symphony No. 6

In his Sixth Symphony, Mahler unpacks to the max when it comes to timbres. He prescribed 'lots' of harps, all kinds of percussion and - if possible - multiple celestas. The giant Chicago Symphony Orchestra takes a tour full of highs and lows. Blissful vistas and utter despair alternate. In the first movement, Mahler incorporated a theme that was supposed to depict his wife Alma. 'I don't know if I have succeeded, but you will have to make do with it.' Alma was deeply touched: 'None of his works came as directly from the bottom of his heart as this symphony.'