Julius Drake meets: Axelle Fanyo and Raoul Steffani

Julius Drake meets: Axelle Fanyo and Raoul Steffani

Song recital Alma Mahler and friends

Recital Hall

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A. Mahler - Die stille Stadt
Zemlinsky - Sie kam zum Schloss gegangen (from ‘Sechs Gesänge’, op. 13)
A. Mahler - In Meines Vaters Garten (from ‘Seven songs’)
Berg - Schlafen, schlafen (from ‘Vier Lieder’, op. 2)
A. Mahler - Laue Sommernacht
Schönberg - Erwartung (from ‘Vier Lieder’, op. 2)
A. Mahler - Bei dir ist es traut (from ‘Seven songs’)
Webern - Dies ist ein Lied für dich allein (from ‘Fünf Lieder aus Der siebente Ring’)
A. Mahler - Ich wandle unter Blumen
Pfitzner - Zum Abschied meiner Tochter (from ‘Drei Lieder’, op. 10)
A. Mahler - Hymne (from ‘Fünf Lieder’)
Korngold - Gefasster Abschied (from ‘Vier Lieder des Abschieds’, op. 14)
A. Mahler - Der Erkennende (from ‘Fünf Lieder’)
Krenek - Während der Trennung
A. Mahler - Licht in der Nacht (from  ‘Vier Lieder’)
Stravinsky - Un grand sommeil noir (from ‘Deux poèmes de Paul Verlaine’, op. 9)
A. Mahler - Ekstase (from ‘Fünf Lieder’)
This concert has no intermisson


Soprano: Axelle Fanyo
Baritone: Raoul Steffani
Piano Julius Drake

Axelle Fanyo and Raoul Steffani

For four days, the Recital Hall is dedicated to Mahler's most beautiful songs. A special recital is dedicated to his wife Alma, combining pieces by her with those by friends. Perhaps today's most important Lieder accompanist, pianist Julius Drake, flanks his favourite vocalists during all these concerts. Today you will hear French soprano Axelle Fanyo, a 'true storyteller' according to Forum Opéra. She shares the stage with one of the greatest Dutch talents, baritone Raoul Steffani.

Alma Mahler

Austrian Alma Maria Schindler was introduced to her future husband, Gustav Mahler, by her composition teacher Zemlinsky. Under Mahler's name, she would become known - but never primarily as a composer. Mahler did not want his wife to write any more music, and Alma herself also had doubts about her work. Although most of it has been lost, her late-romantic, often melancholic songs are still widely performed. Here today in the Recital Hall, they alternate with pieces by friends and acquaintances. Axelle Fanyo and Raoul Steffani perform songs by Ernst Krenek, Mahler's son-in-law. You will also hear works by Berg, Korngold and Stravinsky.