Death and Eternity

Death and Eternity

Symposium day 2

Mahler Pavilion

Tickets are available from €50.00


The second part of a two-day symposium about the texts that Mahler chose for his songs and symphonies.


Alexander Odefey
Rolf-Peter Janz
Lew Smoley
Eveline Nikkels

During the first weekend of the Mahler Festival, a two-day symposium will be held in the Mahler Pavilion, organised by the International Gustav Mahler Society Vienna and the Gustav Mahler Stichting Nederland. The symposium is centred on the texts that Mahler used for his songs and symphonies. How did Mahler choose his texts, what are the recurring themes in these texts, and what was Mahler’s affinity with the ideas of the various authors? In this way, this symposium sets out to generate a multi-layered perception of the composer, the world as he experienced it and the time in which he lived.

The second day of the symposium is entitled Death and Eternity. Various international speakers will be examining texts that include the Rückert-lieder and the the relationship between Mahler, Goethe and Nietsche. The symposium’s working language is English.