Symphony No. 8

Symphony No. 8

Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra & Daniel Harding

Main Hall

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Mahler - Symphony No. 8 in E flat major 'Symphonie der Tausend'


Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra
Netherlands Radio Choir
Vocal Ensemble MUSA
Orfeón Donostiarra
National Children's Choir
Conductor: Daniel Harding
Choir conductor: Peter Dijkstra
Choir conductor: José Antonio Sainz Alfaro
Choir conductor: Wilma ten Wolde
Soprano: Sarah Wegener
Soprano: Susanne Bernhard
Soprano: Hanna Husáhr
Mezzo-soprano: Stefanie Irányi
Mezzo-soprano: Claudia Huckle
Tenor: Simon O'Neill
Baritone: Adrian Eröd
Bass-baritone: Shenyang


The start time of this concert has been changed to 14.30. Before the concert, at 13.45, a documentary about Mahler and the symphony of the evening will be shown in the Main Hall. There will be a short interval between the documentary and the concert.

Daniel Harding and the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra
Daniel Harding will conduct Mahler’s Eighth, the ‘Symphony of a Thousand’. That nickname’s not far off the mark. This monumental work requires almost four hundred musicians and singers. Listeners will see and hear the Netherlands Radio Choir and the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, bolstered by various other choirs and soloists. This British conductor’s Eighth, according to The Scotsman, has ‘a challenging rawness, a sense of danger and unease, in the way Harding probed the innermost conflicting details.’

Mahler’s Eighth Symphony
To his friend Willem Mengelberg, Mahler described his Eighth Symphony as his most substantial work ever. ‘All the others anticipated this.’ In Mahler’s own words, he sings the praises of the complete universe in two monumental movements. ‘These are no longer human voices. They are planets and stars, rotating in orbit.’